About Barbara

My name is Barbara Slyne. I run a small friendly hypnotherapy practice based in Dublin.

I came from a corporate background with a legal qualification. I raised my family, then cared for my parents until their passing. I was burnt out and suffered ill health myself. From this place, I was steered towards healing, for myself and for others. I used different modalities including EFT (tapping) and Energy Medicine to get relief from various issues. I was searching for a modality which I could use to help others and that’s when I decided to study Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching.  I am devoted with a passion to guiding others to finding relief in life’s ups and downs. I offer hypnotherapy in a friendly, safe environment.

Qualifications R.C.Hyp., Dip. Hyp., Mind Coach. Registered Certified Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach. The Key to unlocking your Best Self.

Hypnotherapy  & Mind Coaching

Hypnotism is a form of therapy where the critical mind is by-passed and the subconscious mind is accessed. In essence, it allows us to access the data storage part of our brains so that we can make additions, deletions, and changes in the way we have stored information so that we can improve ourselves and achieve our goals in a way that supports our changing needs.

Hypnotherapy uses mind coaching through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and reinforces these modalities through hypnotism.

Among the services I offer are:-


I will initially speak with you on the phone to find what issue you wish to address or what help you need. I will ask a number of questions so that I can prepare a session for you. On arrival we will have another chat and fill in any blanks that need to be filled. You will be in a relaxed and safe environment. I will then put you under hypnosis and be aware that while you are in this deeply relaxed state, you will, at all times, be conscious of everything that is happening during the session. It is a gentle and pleasant experience. You will then be brought back to your normal level of awareness, feeling better than before! I will make contact with you within a few days to review how your issues have been resolved. Sometimes it may take more than one session to resolve certain issues so I will then book you in for further treatment, if needed. My aim is to bring healing to each issue and I tailor the treatment to suit each individual. I really look forward to meeting you and helping you to be the Best Self you can Be.


Contact me and enquire about getting started. I am ready to talk to you about your wants, needs and concerns. Fill out the form or call today.

Cabinteely, Dublin 18
Tel: +353868550295
Email: bslynehypnotherapy@gmail.com

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